Fifithe raiblaster

artist biography

Fifi is an eclectic artist whose live performances  have consistently captured audiences through her powerful voice that ranges from jazz, soul, trip hop and spoken word. She sings in both English and Setswana (her mother tongue); her skill of storytelling in this style is what makes her original and uniquely different from her peers



Aged 11, she finds Jazz, funk and Hip hop music encompassed...

Introduced to the likes of Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday, Herbie Hancock, Sun Ra, and Fela Kuti by her uncle Raymond Motau (The percussionist for the band Malombo) her childhood is one filled with music.



She first entered a studio in 2005, whilst at TUKS studying politics, and began working with renowned Hip-Hop producer Nyambz, featuring two songs on dub/ska band 340ml’s second offering, as well as Tumi Molekane's debut album “Music from my Good Eye". At the time her song "Hip-Hop God" with producer Nyambz also received considerable airplay.



In 2008 she started working with Dj Kenzhero, performing regularly at ‘Party People' events. Through Party People she toured extensively, performing on stages from Cape Town to Mozambique, Carfax to Oppikoppi.

By 2009, she and Kenzero had produced and released her first project  "Fifi - the Ep Release".


The independently released 5 track EP became an instant collectors item to followers of her music. This album also shaped the inception of her artistic career. 


In 2010 she began working on music with Kanif, from indie label Iapetus, releasing several singles and videos, including “Light”, which was featured at the 49th Chicago International Film Festival in 2013. Her live shows, featuring Kanif on bass and MPD, Mauritz Muller on guitar and Fifi on vocals/percussions, are an intricately crafted voyage through her ideas and music, fusing live and digital sounds to create a lush backdrop on which Fifi paints her vivid and voyerous stories to the listener.  

BlackMatter, her first full-length album was released on May 1st, 2017, through Iapetus Records. It is an Afro-Futuristic collage of sounds and moods. Set a hundred years from now in a dimension very similar to the present, the songs and lyrics reflect a world and being in flux. Woven with subtle political, spiritual and metaphysical undertones the stories are of time and space and love and the strangeness of being.

In the span of its nine months release, Black Matter the album and concept performance have been showcased to audiences in Swaziland, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Germany, China and South Africa.


Over the years she has also shared the stage with the likes of Saul Williams (USA), Bahamadia (USA), Tumi & the Volume, 340ml(Moz), Jeru the Damaja (USA) and Mos Def (USA).