I would like to establish that Black Matter can be a myriad of things. In this case, it is not only the name given to Fifi the Rai Blaster's debut music album but it is a performance piece of the songs from the album and an exhibition which experiments with oral and visual aspects. 

Black Matter as an exhibition of sound, art and movement, is inspired by the idea of formlessness within seeking form. This idea is about moving from one identity to another and suggests that even within form there is movement. 

In other words Black Matter as a performance piece in exhibition will not only combine sound, art and movement it is aimed at juxtaposing form and formlessness.

This exhibition performance uses a combination of songs from the album which will correlate with interactive visuals (VR) and this is in no way limited to a particular space because not everybody has access to galleries or museums especially in South Africa where I'm from. 

This exhibition will be a phenomenological experience, one which unpacks new thoughts about what Afrofuturism is from an African's perfective.


The term Afrofuturism is loaded but as an African female artist, to me it means to showcase a more utopian view of Africa's future. As a growing student of art, I'm interested in the history of human thought and passed on knowledge. What kind of future are we creating? And this all comes through in my lyrical content on the album. 

Just as the album Black Matter is a phonological experience that explores with the interaction of  inner and outer space, formlessness and form, African mythology and astrology just so is this exhibition performance.